Best Bass Guitar for Beginners

Selecting the best bass guitar for beginners can be tricky sometimes. Luckily, this article will help you find the right bass guitar for your needs.

An ideal bass guitar should be easy to handle. Its strings should be comfortable and easy to strum. Moreover, it should provide a great sound that will encourage every beginner to play more.

Bass Guitar for Beginners Reviews

Squire by Fender Vintage SS Modified

Squire by Fender Vintage SS Modified has 20 medium jumbo frets in its C-shaped maple neck. Fender used Agathis wood for a great signature Fender bass tone. Currently, it stands as your optimal choice for a beginner bass guitar.

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Ibanez GSR200BWNF

Ibanez GSR200BWNF is one of the affordable guitars of Ibanez. Nonetheless, this bass guitar offers you the same quality standard as more expensive Ibanez guitars. Specifically, it has a maple neck, maple-mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard detailed with white inlays.

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Dean E09M

Dean E09M is a 22-fret bass guitar made with basswood body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard. It has one of the most versatile tones, courtesy of the soap bar pickup. You can also experience great playability due to its unique design.

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Yamaha TRBX174

Yamaha TRBX174 is the cheapest among the TRBX bass guitars but it still shows you good quality despite the value. It has a mahogany body, providing a deeper bass tone. Its vintage-designed bridge is perfect for beginners.

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Silvertone LB11

Silvertone LB11 gives you the standard fat tone and warm resonance. It is made of standard maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. However, there is not much room for tone experimentation due to its single tone and volume knobs.

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Crescent Electric Bass Guitar

Crescent Electric Bass Guitar is a 46” bass guitar. Its Split P-B pickups will give you a good, standard bass tone. Although it is more for beginner guitar players, advanced guitar players can still get away with good tone on this bass guitar.

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Electric acoustic bass guitar

Electric acoustic bass guitar is made of mahogany sides and back. It also has your standard rosewood fingerboard, detailed with beautiful inlays. It has 22 frets, a 4-band equalizer set-up and a cutaway body design to reach higher notes.

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Goplus Electric Bass Guitar

Goplus Electric Bass Guitar packs a lightweight, yet high density rosewood material in its fingerboard and bridge. Surprisingly, it gives you a better feel and tone than you would assume from its price tag. It has a polished surface and a classical-inspired body style.

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Black Electric Bass Guitar

Black Electric Bass Guitar is a full adult size bass guitar with 20 frets. It has a maple neck and body and a rosewood fingerboard with nice inlays. It is a bass guitar for beginners with novice ears for tone.

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Davidson Electric Bass Guitar

Davidson Electric Bass Guitar is your conventional cheap, yet decent bass guitar. It features a full solid body with a glossy finish. It has installed dual pickups and die cast tuners.

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Reasons to Buy a Bass Guitar for Beginners

If you are an amateur, buy a bass guitar for beginners. A guitar for beginners lets you practice your skills better. It also makes lessons less difficult.

A bass guitar specifically designed for beginners will not discourage you from advancing your skill. It may differ a bit from the bass guitars that experts use, but it features the same important components.

Besides, you can always upgrade to a bass guitar for experienced players later on. If you are already familiar with the basics of bass guitars, you can replace particular parts (such as the fretboard and the headstock) to start playing as an expert.

Buying a new bass guitar for beginners is a much better alternative than buying a used guitar. This is due to the absence of problems if you have a new one.

Learning how to play bass guitar can be easier if the instrument is new. This way, you can learn “from scratch”, instead of learning from an instrument that may already have a problem.

If you buy a used guitar, you may find faults (such as broken strings, cracks, and chips) with it as you practice. These faults can cause you to find guitar lessons relatively difficult.

How to Select a Bass Guitar for Beginners

The selection of a bass guitar for beginners requires you to be attentive to two components. Pay attention to the number of strings and the neck of the instrument.

Select a guitar with four strings. It is easier to go with fewer strings because you have better control of the bass guitar this way.

With a four-stringed bass guitar, tuning is less challenging. You can set the tune lower than the standard level. With guitars that feature more strings, you could easily get an awkward feel if the guitar is not tuned accordingly.

Next, focus on a guitar’s construction. Your understanding of a guitar’s basic parts is very important. The knowledge will help you become familiar with a bass guitar’s overall function.

Look at a guitar’s neck. This includes parts such as the fretboard, internal truss rod, and headstock. These three parts connect to your bass guitar’s body.

Select a guitar neck that is not challenging to handle. The fretboard should be smooth. The internal truss rod should be sturdy. And, the headstock should allow you to adjust tunes easily.

How to Maintain Your Bass Guitar for Beginners

The storage area for your bass guitar should be in a place without too many other items. Choose a location where it will not easily get touched.

Do not expose it to extreme temperatures, too. If you store it in a location that is either too cold or too hot, the internal parts may degrade. They may also increase or decrease in size.

When cleaning your bass guitar, always remove the strings. Do this one by one and do not rush the removal. Start cleaning with the frets and do not apply something that is too wet.

You can use a damp cloth when wiping your guitar. You can also use tissue and drop a small amount of lemon juice. This will keep the instrument polished. Lemon juice can add extra shine.

Do not exert too much pressure when wiping the fretboard of your bass guitar because this can damage the board’s components. The same is true when you’re wiping internal components.

While you want your guitar to stay clean, do not overdo the cleaning. Once monthly is enough. Bass guitars do not require heavy cleaning. Just see if your bass guitar looks dirty. If so, just wipe the surfaces normally. Otherwise, leave it be.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Bass Guitar for Beginners

Why should you select a guitar with four strings (over guitars with five or six strings)? A four-stringed guitar is much easier to control. As a beginner, using an easy-to-control instrument is advisable.

Is a fretless guitar not advisable for beginners? No, it is not. A fretless guitar is easier to play. But, for a beginner, it is advisable to learn using a guitar that comes with a fretboard.

Is scale length important, and how so? Scale length is important because it is the distance between the bridge and the nut. While you can go with any type of length, you should always make sure that the length is compatible with your selected instrument. Otherwise, it may not work desirably.

Are the tuning keys and the headstock one and the same? No, they are not. The tuning keys are a component of the headstock. The headstock features other components.

Are all necks of bass guitars similar? No, they are not. There are three types of necks: the thru-body neck, bolt-on neck, and set neck.

Is choosing a particular type of wood for your bass guitar’s body important? It is. This is because the type of wood will impact the resonance and tone of the produced sound.

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