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Many believe that learning to play the guitar is best done while one is still young, but most guitars on the market tend to be too large for young hands. Using a full-sized guitar can be difficult for kids, specifically when it comes to playing chords.

Worry no more, as there are beginner guitars available for those who want to learn. These are smaller than the usual, but can still play a clean tune. The thinner neck and smaller body allows beginners to master proper playing, making it easier for them to play the full-sized instrument later on.

Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar

A proud American made instrument, Seagull S6 acoustic guitar is made from cherry backing, prime rosewood fretboard, and cedar top material. It has a double action truss rod with an arrow shaped headstock, which does not only create a distinct look for the entire ensemble but also provides precise tuning.

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This acoustic guitar has good sound quality and volume that resonates audibly inside a room or within a few meters if played outdoors. Its tone blends well with other instruments and vocals.

The sturdy craftsmanship along with proper care and handling ensures a long instrument lifespan. As the years go by, the sound quality becomes richer as the wood material expands.

Seagull S6 has a wide fret board ideal for people with stubby fingers. This configuration offers better playability for beginners. It is also suited for finger style guitar playing.

The guitar has a simple design with no unnecessary adornments. The no frills craftsmanship is a statement that the guitar is meant as an instrument, not an ornament.

To enrich the sound quality, you may need to replace the built-in strings with a higher end brand. The Godin strings, which the instrument uses, may not offer a lasting tone and becomes pitchy as it wears off.

Another minor concern from this guitar is the lack of a second peg for a strap. You can have one installed from a guitar store or purchase a quick release strap connector.

Seagull S6 is a fine guitar for beginners, hobbyists and professionals. Some serious guitar players have this model in their collection.

  • Good sound quality and volume
  • Sturdy craftsmanship
  • Wide fret board for better playability
  • No frills design
  • Mediocre factory strings
  • No second peg for a guitar strap

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Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar

From Yamaha’s long heritage of quality guitars comes the FG700S. The Yamaha FG700S has a Sitka spruce soundboard, rosewood fretboard, and Nato sides and back. Its tortoise pickguard adds an extra flare to its classy image.

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Aided by its Sitka spruce top material, Yamaha FG700S produces a nice full sound with either light or heavy strumming. It’s a flexible instrument adaptable to any genre of music.

It comes with a good set of factory strings, which require minimal tuning. The action, or distance between the fret and string, is just right to prevent pain from executing chords. This encourages beginners to practice more often.

This guitar, as with most Yamaha instruments, is durable. It can withstand minor drops and bumps with little to no damage.

It features a hand sprayed thin finishthat gives the guitar a handsome look without compromising the vibrations made by the wood material.

Yamaha FG700S has a dreadnought body that may look oversized for smaller people. Nevertheless, it is lightweight despite its size. A diminutive player may get comfortable after several uses.

This guitar does not come with electronics to amplify the sound but, unless you’re a pro, this isn’t a big issue.

This acoustic guitar is a good starter for anyone who has a budding interest in playing the instrument. If you wish to turn pro, this is also an excellent piece to start off your collection of guitars.

  • Produces a nice full sound suited for any genre
  • Good factory strings with proper action setup
  • Durable body
  • Sophisticated coating and elegant design
  • Oversized for small guitar players
  • Does not come with electronics

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Squier by Fender SA-100 Acoustic Guitar Pack

The Squier acoustic guitar pack is made for beginners. Aside from a well-crafted guitar, the pack comes with a strap, a couple of Fender picks, electric tuner, gig bag, and instruction book. This guitar makes good music with its spruce soundboard, rosewood fretboard, and nato body. It even has nickel-plated frets to complete its classic look.

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This acoustic guitar has a decent tone which is ideal for practicing. Although the bass tones may not be as distinct compared to more advanced guitars, the sound it produces is full and not twangy.

Squier has commendable playability to keep up the interest of any beginner. Poor sound quality and setup discourages constant practice. The pack also comes with an instruction book to kickstart the lessons.

It is marked with Fender’s quality workmanship. This instrument is tough and has a lasting finish. Nevertheless, as with all acoustic instruments, proper care and handling should be done.

The guitar gets better with age. If you take good care of it, you might even pass it down to your children.

Don’t expect the free accessories to be high-end. The “gig bag” is made of thin material and more suited as dust cover. The strap and tuner are decent enough, but you can always purchase better ones.

To improve the sound quality and playability, you may need to do some minor tweaks. The strings can be easily adjusted to have just the right distance between the fretboard to prevent the fingers from hurting.

This is a good entry level pack for anyone who wants to try out guitar playing. Once you develop a passion for the instrument, you could always buy a better sounding guitar.

  • Produces a decent sound ideal for practicing
  • Commendable playability suited for beginners
  • Good quality craftsmanship
  • Stands the test of time with proper handling
  • Free accessories are satisfactory, but not high-end
  • Some minor tweaks needed to improve sound quality and playability

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Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle

This acoustic guitar bundle suits the most enthusiastic beginner as it comes with a classic Fender Squier Acoustic guitar, picks, clip-on tuner, guitar stand, strap, replacement strings, string winder, polishing cloth, hard shell case and an Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD. The guitar hasan agathis side and back, rosewood fingerboard with inlays, and a spruce top. For quality intonation, it also has a synthetic bone saddle.

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This package is complete for anyone who is seriously committed to learn the guitar. If you’re not taking formal lessons, the instructional DVD helps in starting you off with the basics of guitar playing. The guitar bundle also has all the essentials for the proper handling and maintenance of your instrument.

Fender Squier’s dreadnought body and spruce soundboard creates a warm and vibrant tone perfect for making good music. This instrument is ideal for a wide range of genres from folk to pop.

With the hard-shell case and guitar stand, it would take effort to break this guitar; not unless you do it on purpose. It is finely crafted to withstand the impact of constant use.

The high gloss finish on the spruce and agathis board makes for a well-rounded instrument, which is not just reliable but also good looking.

Since the guitar is sold in a bundle, you might not get the complete set of accessories when you order online or there may be quality issues with a couple of them. When this happens, bring the attention of the seller’s customer service.

You may find the stock strings to be mediocre, but these can be easily replaced with better quality brands.

The most eager guitar students will benefit from this bundle which contains all the essentials needed to master the instrument.

  • Excellent starter pack for beginners with all the necessary accessories for guitar care
  • Warm and vibrant tone
  • Well-crafted and comes with hard protective casing to ensure longevity
  • Handsome design
  • Because there are many accessories, there might be some delivery and quality issues
  • Replace the mediocre strings to improve sound quality

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Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone is one of the oldest instrument makers in America with a rich history dating back to 1873. DR-100 is one of its most popular products. The acoustic guitar has a dreadnought shape with a select spruce top, carved rosewood fingerboard, and mahogany back and sides. It has a distinct sloping headboard to provide greater tension at the nuts.

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For an entry level guitar, this one has exceptional sound quality. The spruce top expands with constant use and improves the tone of the guitar.

Epiphone DR-100 holds its tuning with continuous play. This is important for beginners who are still finding their rhythm and, as a result, strum the strings harder than usual.

This guitar is calibrated with low “action,” meaning the distance of the strings from the fingerboard is minimal. Effectively, this prevents the fingers from hurting when making a chord. Despite this configuration, the guitar does not create a buzzing sound or dead frets.

Because of its mahogany sides and body, this guitar can take the beatings of continuous and long term use. With its sleek finish accented by the signature Epiphone pickguard, you’ll be proud to show it off.

You can replace the stock strings with better ones. As your experience grows, you will begin to pick brands that suit your preference. Nevertheless, if you’re just learning to play the instrument, the stock strings of Epiphone are pleasing enough.

Owing to its dreadnought shape, this guitar has good volume. However, if you want to perform for a bigger crowd, this does not have built-in amplifiers.

The quality of this guitar is suited for beginners. It can also be used by professionals as backup.

  • Exceptional sound quality for an entry level guitar
  • Holds its tuning consistently
  • Low action on the strings for easier playability
  • Sturdy and sleek design
  • Strings are satisfactory but can be replaced for better sound quality
  • No built-in amplifiers

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