Best Microphone for Rapping

Are you looking for the best microphone for rapping? Then you are in the right place. This article will be your guide in selecting the microphone that you need.

An ideal microphone for rapping should provide great quality of sound. In addition, it should last longer and must meet the requirements of a rapper.

Microphone for Rapping Reviews

Neewer NW-700

The Newwer NW-700 boasts of its new audio circuitry that isolates main sound source from background noise. Its cardioid pattern promotes better audio recording. If noise is your constant problem, then this microphone might work for you.

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Flouren BM-800

Flouren BM-800 has Neodymium magnets for high signal to noise ratio which makes for its low self-noise. However, this condenser microphone operates through 48V phantom power requirement. Thus, you must have a reliable mixer to activate this mic.

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BlueSnowball iCE Condenser microphone

Blue Snowball iCE Condenser microphone gives you crystal-clear sound. As such, it is perfect for vocal recording, Skype calls, podcasts, and narrations.  Its plug-and-play feature makes it an ideal tool for people who are always on the road.

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Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti contains three condenser capsules that do three recording patterns, namely, cardioid, stereo, and bidirectional. It is a zero-latency microphone with built-in gain and mute buttons. As such, it gives you more freedom towards how you record your audio.

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Pyle-ProPDIC58 contains a moving-coil element that gives you the highest sound quality without the unwanted feedback sounds. Its zinc alloy construction gives it its distinct durable construction. It also has a grill-shaped cover for better noise resistance.

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Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500

Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500 will give you feedback suppression and electromagnetic shielding solely through its material quality. Its optimal frequency response rate balances high and low frequency sounds. Thus, you can get well-adjusted sound quality with this microphone.

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LyxPro HHMX-15

LyxPro HHMX-15 adds brilliance to your output with its expert mixture of high and low frequency tones. It has a high output range with good mid-range tone. If your audio track sounds flat, then this microphone can help.

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Nady SP-4C

Nady SP-4C extracts the power of Neodymium to deliver powerful output without distortion and noise. Its linear response and appropriate mid-range tone will give you a guaranteed sound quality. This mic will still deliver even in noisy wirings.

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Professional Stereoscopic Condenser Microphone

Professional Stereoscopic Condenser Microphone is perfectly versatile across all computers. It is ideal for video chats and audio recordings, and has an automatic noise cancellation feature. Combined with a pop filter, you can make good recordings with this microphone.

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VERKB Wireless Microphone

VERKB Wireless Microphone is a multi-purpose microphone that uniquely emphasizes its built-in echo reverb feature. For fans of the effect, this versatile microphone can add a distinct character to vocal recordings. Also, you can use it to add ambient sounds.

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How a Microphone for Rapping Works

A microphone for rapping works by allowing you to deliver words that are sensible and clear. Having a high-quality microphone is great because it eliminates unnecessary noise.

Most microphones for rapping follow a cardioid polaroid pattern. Consequently, any sound that is audible in front stays there. The audible sound that you can hear on the rear and sides are drowned out.

Following a cardioid polaroid pattern also makes for a wide frequency response. This means that it has high potential of not changing any parts of the incoming sound.

Alongside, most microphones for rapping also feature a “presence” boost. The presence boost is beneficial for you if you have a tiny or a slightly inaudible voice.

The presence boost makes your voice sound relatively bigger. A tiny voice becomes noticeable, especially if you talk quickly. Because of the feature, your voice sounds fuller, without having to speak louder.

The mics for rap vocals also have the ability to remain fine even if you turn them up as loudly as possible. Because they will not hiss, they are ideal for you if you want to put emphasis on particular words.

Types of Microphone for Rapping

Dynamic and condenser microphones are the most common types of microphones for rapping. They are the top choices because they can provide clarity for rap vocals.

Dynamic microphones are also called moving-coil microphones because they work via electromagnetic induction. They are great for on-stage use due to a high level of GBF (or Gain Before Feedback).

Loudspeakers use the same principle as dynamic microphones. The main difference is the reversed operations. Both feature a movable coil, which is near the diaphragm.

Condenser microphones are designed with a relatively high impedance – typically around 50 to 200 ohm. This is advantageous for rap vocals because a high impedance does not cause distortion.

They are fragile, compared to dynamic mics. They can be a little brittle and come with two types: Small Diaphragm Microphones (or SDMs) and Large Diaphragm Microphones (or LDMs).

You can find condenser mics in studios more often. They are built for a much greater transient response. While they have a loud output, they are sensitive to loudness.

How to Select a Microphone for Rapping

Selecting a microphone for rapping requires you to know that there is a difference between a mic for performing and a mic for recording. The choice should be situational.

If you will use a mic for live on-stage rapping, dynamic microphones are recommended. This is due to a wider range when it comes to pick-up.

A microphone for rapping should also be capable of handling high SPL (or Sound Pressure Level). This addresses the problem in an on-stage performance, where sound pressure levels can be unpredictable.

On the other hand, if you prefer to use a mic to record rap vocals, selecting a condenser microphone is recommended. After all, a condenser mic can hold high power when you connect it to an audio interface.

A condenser microphone can also achieve better sound quality when you are recording. With it, your recording can sound as if you are in a professional studio.

For optimum performance, you should plug your condenser mic to a phantom power supply. So, you should select a microphone that is compatible with your preferred phantom power supply.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microphone for Rapping

Is using any type of microphone for rapping alright? Yes, it is. But, if you prefer to sound great, and not have your words easily misunderstood, you should choose a mic that is especially designed for rapping.

What is vocal compression? Vocal compression is very important when recording rap vocals. It is the reduction in an audio signal so there will also be a reduction in vocal performance. It makes rap vocals more understandable.

What is EQ? EQ stands for equalization. The knowledge of EQ is important when it comes to recording rap vocals. It is the ability to maintain balance so you can achieve a desired tone.

Wired or wireless microphone? You can use either a wired or a wireless microphone for rapping. As long as you have the supplemental gear (such as headsets, stands, and transmitters) in place, you can produce quality rap recordings.

Do I need to prepare a private room for a professional-grade rap recording? Yes, you do. Having a dedicated space prevents distractions (such as noisy elements and random guests). A private studio (a walk-in closet or a small room) will do.

Is a perfect recording guaranteed with just a high-quality mic? No. Even if you have a high-quality mic, the result of your rap recording depends on your effort to make the recording process perfect.

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