Best Pocket Trumpet

If you are a musician and looking for a trumpet that you can take on the road, this article is for you. The following will guide you in choosing the best pocket trumpet that you can have.

A pocket trumpet is an instrument that is ideal for beginners and experienced musicians. It is perfect for practice and is convenient to use and carry.

Pocket Trumpet Reviews

Jean Paul USA

The Jean Paul USA is a good pocket trumpet that helps achieves notes accurately. It produces solid, beautiful sounds and is very durable.

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Mendini MTT-30CN

The Mendini MTT-30CN pocket trumpet produces soothing warm tones. The valves work well and the sliders move smoothly. It’s easy to work with especially for beginners.

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Mendini MPT-N

The Mendini MPT-N is a nice and shiny pocket trumpet that makes a big sound despite its size. The valves might move slowly at first but it can be easily solved by greasing.

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Allora MXPT-5801-BK

The Allora MXPT-5801-BK is a pocket trumpet that produces strong and solid sound. It is well made and compact which makes it easy for travel.

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Merano B Flat

The Merano B Flat is a pocket trumpet that has a very decent sound and quality. It contains nice finishing and details. The valves and sliders also move fast.

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Cecilio 3Series TT-380CN

The Cecilio 3Series TT-380CN is a well built and sturdy pocket trumpet that plays very smoothly. It is looks appealing and produces rich sound. This is suited for both beginner and intermediate players.

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Rugeri B Flat

The Rugeri B Flat pocket trumpet has a great horn that creates a crisp sound. It is compact and light which makes it well suited for travel. It is a good pocket trumpet for practice.

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Stagg WS – TR245 Bb

The Stagg WS – TR245 Bb is pocket trumpet has a clean sound. It is easy to play and well built. Both the slides and valves move very smoothly.

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Tromba Pro Professional

The Tromba Pro Professional is a lightweight pocket trumpet that performs well. The valves are made of metal while the rest is plastic. Despite its material, the pocket trumpet produces real brass sound.

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Glory Brass Bb

The Glory Brass Bb pocket trumpet comes in different colors. The valves might be hard to move at first but can be broken with practice. This might be a good trumpet for beginners.

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What is a Pocket Trumpet?

As the name suggests, a pocket trumpet is essentially a small trumpet. Most professionals use a full-sized trumpet but owning a pocket trumpet also offers some advantages.

A pocket trumpet consists of the same parts: bell, pistons, turning slide, lead pipe, valve slides, and mouthpiece. It is, however, configured differently to make it compact.

While considerably smaller, pocket trumpets are able to replicate the same rich sound as full-sized trumpets and can be used for practice, rehearsals, and performances.

The size of the bell and mouthpiece of a pocket trumpet remains the same, which is why it is able to retain the same sound as a regular trumpet.

The major difference lies in the tubing. In a pocket trumpet, the tubing is wound more tightly so as to make it smaller in size and length.

The rest of the components remain the same size, and the same mouthpiece can be used for both instruments. Certainly, a pocket trumpet holds many advantages.

Parts of a Trumpet

Mouthpiece: This is the removable part of the trumpet into which air is blown to start producing sounds. You can choose from the different types of mouthpieces for easier playing.

Lead Pipe: This is the section where you insert the mouthpiece. Sediments often collect here so make sure to clean it regularly to maintain proper working condition.

Tuning Slide: This slide adjusts (i.e. raises and lowers) the tune of the trumpet. Keep this section greased so that you’ll be able to use it whenever the situation calls for it.

Valve Pistons: The 3 valve pistons redirect air inside the pocket trumpet. They move up and down inside the casings to create a full range of musical tones.

Valve Slides: The 3 valve slides in a pocket trumpet are responsible for creating the different pitches and notes. These slides make it possible to correct intonation problems.

Bell: This is where the sound comes out, serving as the speaker for your instrument. Never point the bell at someone at close range as it may cause hearing impairment.

Reasons to Have a Pocket Trumpet

Pocket trumpets are seldom used by professional trumpet players for recording or performances. Nonetheless, these instruments are still widely popular due to their apparent advantages.

Many people use the pocket trumpet for travel, as a practice instrument, or give them as a collectible or novelty gift. Many beginners also opt to use this instrument.

For out-of-town gigs, some musicians choose to bring a pocket trumpet to save themselves from the hassle of travelling with larger instruments. A pocket trumpet can fit easily in a small suitcase or backpack.

Pocket trumpets can also be highly collectible, particularly the vintage and rare ones. Many people, however, like to keep pocket trumpets as their own for the novelty factor.

Since pocket trumpets produce the same sound and work pretty much same way as full-sized trumpets, beginners choose to practice on them before moving on to regular-sized instruments.

If you want to learn to play the trumpet, you may want to invest in a pocket trumpet first before purchasing a full-sized trumpet, which requires bigger investment.

Advantages of Having a Pocket Trumpet

While professional musicians should definitely own a full-sized trumpet, there are several advantages to using a pocket trumpet. It is easy to store, inexpensive, and ideal for some situations.

Pocket trumpets are suitable for musicians who travel a lot or live in a small place. These instruments have special travelling bags and cases to prevent any damage while in storage or during travels.

If you’re on a budget but want to learn how to play, a pocket trumpet is an ideal starter instrument. It costs a lot less than its regular-sized counterpart.

After learning and practicing with a pocket trumpet, you can then decide whether or not you want to move onto a regular trumpet and pursue the hobby or career.

There are also some situations in which a pocket trumpet can outperform a regular one. It is much more convenient to carry around and is thus ideal for young players and for marching bands.

The smaller body of the pocket trumpet allows you to easily hear what you are playing, even in boisterous environments. This way, you’ll be able to make amendments as necessary.

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