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Have you ever wondered how some rock guitarists add effects like distortion and echo to their riffs? The secret lies in their use of the reverb pedal. Every step on this pedal adds a distinct character and warmth to the sound, just like how they do it in a concert.

While there are a lot of articles all over the Internet about this topic, the standard of what defines a great reverb pedal depends on what the guitar player wants. Different reverb pedals produce different effects, so it is up to the musician as to what pedal to buy.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal

The TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal is actually a collection of different reverb pedals in one. You can think of it as a way to reduce the number of gizmos you bring with you to your gigs.

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Multi-Reverb all in 1 Package: This reverb pedal is an all in one pedal. It has gate, ambient, tile, lo-fi, modulated, church, plate, spring, hall, and room.

TonePrint: Apart from having all those reverbs mentioned in one pedal, you also get customized presets. You can access all the custom tweaks used by popular artists on stage.

True Bypass: This feature prevents the loss of tone. In case you’re wondering how to get that true bypass effect, set the pedal for a clean output.

Stereo In and Out: Different performers use different setups as needed. Best practice is to use both output jacks. This pedal can be used for different configurations anyway.

On first use, some customers may have trouble making their computer recognize the pedal. It’s easily solved by using a ¼ plug that should go into “input” (obviously).

Some may find that specialty reverbs will have a truer spring reverb sound. However, specialty models only have one reverb; this one offers the entire bunch.

This pedal is suited for on stage performers and hobbyists. It’s a professional grade performance pedal.

  • Multiple reverbs in one
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Professional grade build
  • Preset and tweaks by popular artists included
  • One or two reverb effects may sound slightly off
  • Package doesn’t include instructions.

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Digitech POLARA Lexicon Reverbs Stereo Pedal with OnOff Switch

The Digitech POLARA Lexicon Reverbs Stereo Pedal combines seven different reverb types in one stomp box. It’s a performance level effect that can fit into any pedal board.

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It includes some of the most commonly used types of reverb. Reverbs include the following: spring, hall, halo, modulated, reverse, plate, and room.

This pedal comes with a knob guard. It locks the settings you have configured so you don’t accidentally change the adjustments while performing.

The design is compact and the controls are easy to adjust. It works great with distortion and clean sounds plus it doesn’t do a lot of coloration to the effect’s original tune.

The Polara can easily be integrated into any pedal board setup. You can use any 9 volt cable from your pedal board’s power supply.

However, if you’re looking for sounds that provide more padding support or more ambient tunes, then this pedal is not for you.

You may find one or two reverbs included in the package to be a bit difficult to handle. Of course that is but a matter of personal preference.

The Polara is best suited for soloists. It’s a good professional class reverb pedal that easily integrates into any setup you may have on your board.

  • Easy integration into different setups
  • Includes classic reverb types and new tweaks
  • True stereo input/output
  • Knob lock guard prevents accidental adjustments to tone
  • Some reverb effects may sound a bit unconventional
  • It’s not suited for musicians looking to create ambience and make a ton of noise.

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Boss FRV-1 ‘63 Fender Reverb Pedal

The Boss FRV-1 ‘63 Fender Reverb Pedal is a concert class alternative to Fender’s vintage tank reverb. It usually goes to the very end of your pedal board adding a good old vibe to your music.

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The FRV-1 lets you relive the classic Fender tank reverb.If you would like to sound as close to classic surf music, this pedal is a good pick.

You also get three classic controls for combo pedals just the way they were in the 60’s. These knobs (mix, tone, dwell) gives you a more refined tone.

Its compact design allows you to economize space on stage. The unit also easily integrates into a lot of different setups.

This pedal is built for rugged or regular use. You can bring it to any gig or just keep it handy in case the crowd demands for more rockabilly.

The FRV-1 reverb pedal will sound terrible to folks who are used to that natural and smooth room reverb.If you’re not into the old 60’s guitar sounds then this pedal is not for you.

On the flip side, if you’re really familiar with the old tank reverb, you’ll notice the slight difference in tone quality. It’s like the next best thing to getting the vintage tank sound.

This pedal is best suited for guitarists who play surf music, blues, classic rock, grunge, or even country. Those who are into the classic 60s vibe will like this effect.

  • Classic Fender tank reverb
  • Vintage controls just like the original
  • Compact design
  • It easily integrates into many pedal boards
  • Provides only a digital recreation of the original spring reverb
  • Does not a true bypass. It only has buffered bypass.

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TC Electronic HOF Mini Reverb pedal

The Hall of Fame Mini Reverb pedal makes you sound like one of the guitar legends. It is best used as a practice pedal so you can have something to work with when you’re not performing live.

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The HOF Minicomes with all the reverbs in popular use today. Included in this tiny box are cathedral, plate, room, hall, spring, and others.

The TonePrint feature lets you use the very tweaks used by guitar greats such as Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai. Select the setting and start playing.

This reverb pedal comes in a very compact package. It will only occupy a small amount of space in your gig bag.

You don’t lose out on tone quality with its true bypass. You won’t get any tone coloration and conversion.

Don’t expect this pedal to sound as good as your concert performance effects. Some presets kind of fall short when compared to other reverb pedals.

The build quality of this pedal isn’t exactly top of the line. You may have to fix some internal connections after using it a while.

The HOF mini is best used for a practice rig. It is best suited for advanced students honing their craft and performers who need an effect for practice sessions.

  • Package includes popular reverb types
  • Compact easy to carry design
  • TonePrint feature allows you to use signature sounds used by popular artists
  • True bypass gives you good tone quality
  • Pedal is not built for concert performance
  • Some TonePrint settings sound a little bit off

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Behringer Reverb Machine RV600

Behringer’s Reverb Machine RV600 is a good option for people looking for an introductory reverb pedal.It comes with a good selection of reverbs from classic spring to digital type effects.

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The RV600 reverb pedal has easy to use features. The controls and settings are pretty self-explanatory – which is why it doesn’t come with instructions in the package.

It’s pretty good, sound-wise. You get a good feel out of the real sound modeling. It mimics the acoustics quite well.

You also get a good selection of reverb options with the Behringer RV600. Choose from space, echo, ducking, hall, room, plate, and spring.

This pedal also features dedicated controls for trails, tone, type, time, decay, and mix. You can tweak and reshape the sounds you’re making.

The build quality and construction of this pedal is not exactly top notch. You can immediately tell that it’s constructed out of cheaper type of plastic.

The knobs don’t lock on to their various settings. That means there’s a good chance that you can accidentally change the settings as you work with the other knobs.

This reverb pedal is best suited for guitar students and hobbyists. It may not be good enough for concerts on stage but it sounds great for garage jams.

  • Easy to use – everything is pretty straight forward
  • Good selection of effects from good old spring models to studio level reverbs
  • Dedicated control knobs for better customization
  • Features RSM and DSP technologies for improved sound quality
  • Not your best choice for on stage performances
  • Construction is a bit flimsy with a cheap plastic frame

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