Best Ukulele for Beginners

Are you an aspiring musician who is currently looking for a ukulele? Then you are in the perfect place where you can choose the best ukulele for beginners.

An ideal ukulele allows less stretching for notes, making it easier for a beginner. It should also be sturdy enough that you can use it for a long time.

Ukulele for Beginners Reviews

Cordoba 15CM

The Cordoba 15CM is an easy to play ukulele that looks and sounds great. It is a good starter ukulele that produces a rich and clear sound.

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Kala KA-15S

The Kala KA-15S is a ukulele with strings and wood that are made of quality materials. Tuning is needed once in a while to maintain sound quality.

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Hamano U-350C

The Hamano U-350C is a deluxe concert ukulele that produces loud and clear sound. It can play well even in varying temperatures. It has a finish that feels slightly rough to the touch.

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Protege U100CM

The Protege U100CM by Cordoba is a concert ukulele that produces a beautiful mellow tone. It is lightweight, easy to tune and holds its tuning very well.

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Hola! Music HM-124ZW+

The Hola! Music HM-124ZW+ is a quality ukulele that has a mellow sound. It is sturdy and has a very nice finish. The case that comes with it is well built and padded.

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Naneki Soprano

The Naneki Soprano is a ukulele that looks and sounds great. Tuning can be quite complicated at first but creates a nice sound once tuned.

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Donner Concert

The Donner Concert ukulele has a rich sound that resonates. It is made of wood that is nicely finished. It is very easy and fun to play.

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Sawtooth ST-UKE-MS-KIT-1

The Sawtooth ST-UKE-MS-KIT-1 ukulele is a good starter instrument that produces good tone. The strings might stretch during the first week but can hold its tune for a long time.

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Mahalo Rainbow Series

The Mahalo Rainbow Series is a beautifully made ukulele that has a warm sound. The strings might need some time to stretch out but it is an overall good quality ukulele.

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Diamond Head DU-150

The Diamond Head DU-150 is a well made ukulele good for players who are just starting out. It is sturdy and easy to grip. It produces decent sound but needs to be tuned regularly.

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Types of Ukuleles

Soprano: Soprano ukulele is ideal for beginners as it features a smaller body and a simple neck section. It is typically 21 inches long and has the highest ukulele pitch.

Concert: A concert ukulele has wider soundboard which is more resonant, allowing you to share your music with a bigger audience. It is 23 inches long and is often played in solo and ensembles.

Baritone / Tenor: These ukuleles are 26 – 30 inches long and come in 4, 6, and 8-string models. These are the biggest of all and produce the deepest sound.

Armadillo: Armadillo ukulele is a unique instrument, but is rare and expensive. Its back plate allows it to create remarkable resonance while producing topnotch sound quality.

Pineapple: A pineapple ukulele has a distinctive style, which it owes to its box-shaped base, wide bottom, and straight sides. Its body shape provides an appealing, full tone.

Banjo: Banjoleles have a circular banjo-style body that is often covered with taut skin. Most musicians perform these instruments at a high volume and tune them like a regular ukulele.

Parts of a Ukulele

Headstock: This is the top part of the ukulele that holds the tuners and supports the tension of the strings. It is typically made of a solid wood or plastic.

Tuners: These 4 pegs are used to tune the strings and are found in the headstock. Tuners are also called pegs, tuning pegs, machine heads, tuning keys, or tuning heads.

Fretboard: This is the front part of the neck and the surface under the strings. It was commonly made from dark hardwoods and is still colored black by tradition.

Neck: This is the section at the back of the fretboard. It is curved for an easy and comfortable grasp. It is typically made of wood or plastic.

Body: This is the “main box” of the ukulele. It consists of a back piece, a front piece, and sides. The body amplifies the sound of vibrating strings.

The other parts of a ukulele are the frets, fret markers, sound hole, bridge, saddle, nut, and the strings. The number of strings depends on the type of ukulele.

How to Select the Right Ukulele

For beginners, soprano or concert ukuleles are often recommended. They are easier to handle and more affordable. Consider one with a mahogany neck, geared tuners, and satin finish.

If you prefer a concert ukulele, then choose one with a rosewood bridge and fingerboard, along with fingerboard inlays and body binding. These features will make learning ukulele a breeze.

Once you have mastered your beginner ukulele and are ready for a more advanced instrument, you may then move on to a high-end ukulele and create your own sound and style.

Advanced instruments also feature premium quality elements and tone woods which will enhance your music. For instance, you may purchase a ukulele made with acacia wood.

You may also choose a ukulele with special features such as African mahogany sides, abalone rosette, and matte finish. These options are based more on personal tastes.

Ukuleles may also come with unique body shapes and painted designs. If you want a more stylistic instrument, look for features like rosewood fretboard, maple wood neck, and poplar body.

How to Take Care of Your Ukulele

The best way to keep your ukulele in good condition is to play it regularly. The more you play it, the better it will sound. That said, keeping your ukulele sounding good requires proper care and maintenance.

Always clean your instrument after playing it. A quick wipe-down with a clean, soft cloth is all it takes. Avoid using anything harsh like rough towel and paper towels.

Invest in a case or bag, even if you don’t really take your ukulele out of the house. Storing it properly gives protection against dust and minor dings.

Never leave your instrument in direct sunlight and avoid heaters altogether. Avoid leaving it inside a hot car as well. If you’re travelling, place your ukulele inside the car with you and not in the trunk.

Ukuleles are made of wood, which is a natural, breathing material. It reacts to its environment so you have to be cautious if you reside in a particularly wet or dry place.

Maintain the right humidity by investing in a humidifier if the air is extremely dry. If the air is damp, slip in a silica gel pack in the ukulele case to prevent your instrument from warping.

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