How to Clean a Trumpet

Trumpets are cool. However, they can get quite dirty and icky fast due to the moisture of our breath when we use them.

This same moisture also degrades its performance and lifespan,not to mention that it also attracts disgusting bacteria and dirt buildup. Because of that, it is crucial for you to know how to clean a trumpet.


You need to have a bucket, bin, or tub where you can submerge your trumpet. Also, get two towels: one for washing and one for polishing.

An old shirt or microfiber cloth also works as a replacement for the towel. Be sure that the cloth does not have any prints that can scuff your trumpet.

Dish soap and a toothbrush are needed to remove stubborn dirt. For reassembling, you will need to apply slide grease and/or valve oil.

You can get the oil and grease from a music or hardware supply store. Some shops offer a complete kit for trumpets.

To clean the trumpet’s tubes, get a snake brush and/or a pipe cleaner. You can also get these two from a music or hardware supply store.


Disassembling the trumpet is a simple and straightforward process. However, be sure to memorize which parts are connected so you can assemble them without any hitches after cleaning.

Make sure to place the springs and valves neatly on a clean surface. Also, you do not need to clean these parts.

On the other hand, never forcibly remove any part of the trumpet. Denting or twisting any part the wrong way will affect your trumpet’s sound.


Fill the container where you will submerge your trumpet with lukewarm water. Put a few drops of dish soap on it, and then lather.

Put the washing towel on the container. Then, put your trumpet and be sure to place the parts apart to avoid them from colliding. Leave it there for 60 minutes or 1 hour.


Start using your snake brush to clean the mouthpiece. After that, brush the tubes and slides using the pipe cleaner.

Once you are done, use the toothbrush to clean the exterior of the trumpet and the valve casings. Finish by rubbing the exterior with the washcloth.

Rinse the trumpet with lukewarm water. Squeeze the water from the washcloth, and use it to dry the trumpet.

Use the polishing towel to remove the excess water and moisture. Air-dry the parts and the towel for an hour or two.


Apply grease on the slides and put some oil on the valves. Do not put a lot of grease and oil to prevent dirt buildup.

When putting the valves back, do not rotate or twist them. Just slide them back carefully until you hear them produce a snap or a click.


Cleaning your trumpet will extend its lifespan and maintain its performance. I hope that you appreciated this article I have written on how to clean a trumpet. If you did, do not be shy to leave a comment or share it.

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