The Basics of How to Tune a Ukulele

No matter how good you are in playing the ukulele, whatever you play with it will sound bad if it is out of tune. Even if only one string is out of tune, your music will still sound bad.

To avoid embarrassing yourself or hurting the ears of your listeners, get your instrument in tune. This article will tell you how to tune a ukulele.


Ukuleles only have four strings; the standard tuning for a ukulele is GCEA. The tuning starts from the topmost and thickest string, which is the G string. The next string is C, followed by E, and the last string is A. read more

How to Clean a Trumpet

Trumpets are cool. However, they can get quite dirty and icky fast due to the moisture of our breath when we use them.

This same moisture also degrades its performance and lifespan,not to mention that it also attracts disgusting bacteria and dirt buildup. Because of that, it is crucial for you to know how to clean a trumpet.


You need to have a bucket, bin, or tub where you can submerge your trumpet. Also, get two towels: one for washing and one for polishing.

An old shirt or microfiber cloth also works as a replacement for the towel. Be sure that the cloth does not have any prints that can scuff your trumpet. read more

How to Tune a Guitar: Basic Tutorial

To play the songs you want and get your music right, it is crucial that your guitar is in tune. Tuning can be an easy or difficult endeavor depending on your experience.

If you do not have a lot of experience in playing the guitar, I recommend that you use a tuner. To know more, read this article of mine about how to tune a guitar.

The Strings

Before you tune a guitar, be familiar with its strings. A common acoustic guitar, whether it is steel or nylon, has six strings.

The thickest string at the top is the E string. Next to it is the A string. And next to that is the D string. read more

Best Reverb Pedal

Have you ever wondered how some rock guitarists add effects like distortion and echo to their riffs? The secret lies in their use of the reverb pedal. Every step on this pedal adds a distinct character and warmth to the sound, just like how they do it in a concert.

While there are a lot of articles all over the Internet about this topic, the standard of what defines a great reverb pedal depends on what the guitar player wants. Different reverb pedals produce different effects, so it is up to the musician as to what pedal to buy. read more

Best Ukulele

Wish to experience the sand on your feet and the sea breeze on your face? Strum away on a ukulele and hear the sounds of summer. Ukuleles were originally adaptations of stringed instruments from Portugal, but given a distinctive Hawaiian feel. Alongside flower garlands, ukuleles are one of the most recognizable symbols of the island life.

Being similar to the guitar, ukuleles are subjected to the same quality standards. Laminated woods are used for lower-end models, while the ones at the higher spectrum use solid woods like mahogany. Nevertheless, a well-made ukulele sounds clear with every strum. read more

Best Trumpets

Looking for a reliable brass instrument? No need to look far, because trumpets are here to stay! This instrument—popularized by musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, and Miles Davis—is an important part of any brass ensemble alongside saxophones and trombones.

Trumpets come in different types, and are tuned to different musical scales. Regardless of tuning and type however, a good quality trumpet produces a clear and vibrant sound. Some well-made ones have a long life—even outliving their users! read more

Best Beginner Guitar

Many believe that learning to play the guitar is best done while one is still young, but most guitars on the market tend to be too large for young hands. Using a full-sized guitar can be difficult for kids, specifically when it comes to playing chords.

Worry no more, as there are beginner guitars available for those who want to learn. These are smaller than the usual, but can still play a clean tune. The thinner neck and smaller body allows beginners to master proper playing, making it easier for them to play the full-sized instrument later on. read more

Best Karaoke Machine

Do you want to feel like Ed Sheeran or Katy Perry for a day? Then sing your heart out with a karaoke machine! Gatherings and reunions with family and friends can be spiced up with individuals belting out popular tunes. Have a great evening and release the performer in you.

A competitive twist can even be inserted with the scoring system built in some karaoke machines. Marvelous voice quality and accurate lyrics can merit a good score! Have excitement-filled nights as everyone tries to get the highest rating. read more